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Get an overview of all your tracked runs

You can use the Quartermile app for free and even upgrade the features with Premium. All your runs - no matter which mode - are displayed in the overview. You can easily identify which mode it was, when you did the run, with which vehicle and which measurements were recorded. Really nice and clear.

View important stats during your recording

While a new recording is running, we show you the essential data. Of course, we don't want to distract or overwhelm you with the data. So you only see the basics and that in a way that you can decide for yourself whether you want to stop the run or hang on the throttle. We recognize the preset goal automatically, so all you have to do is start the run, and the app does the rest for you!

All features at a glance


You can save and preset any vehicle and also any number of vehicles. But you can also make it easy for yourself and just select the vehicle category. From Vespa to Cars to E-Scooters. The choice is yours!


Always keep in mind that this app may not be used in public traffic and we clearly distance and exclude ourselves from any liability for your or others' actions. Pay attention to the safety of yourself, your environment and your vehicle. If all this fits, then kick that engine!


You can test your times and speed over a defined track length, time from one defined speed to another speed, or set your own tracks in lap mode and go on a lap time hunt.